Main Products

  • twill tape
  • draw Cord
  • satin Tape
  • elastic Tape

Quality garment accessories for all your needs..

Founded in 2004, K Accessories is the one stop shop for the most popular garment accessories in the region, including Twill Tapes, Hanger Loops and Draw Cords made of Cotton, Spun Polyester, Polyester and Polypropylene. We also supply 100% cotton P.F.D Tapes, Satin Tapes, Elastic Tapes, Mobilan tapes and Bonded Yarns.

Since our inception we have won the hearts of our clientele due to excellence in service and the assured quality of our products. Over the years K Accessories have established itself as a top manufacturer and supplier of garment accessories for export quality garments with clients such as Avery Dennison, Sanchia, Voguetex, J.D Associates, H&H, Winterquilts, Tarakie Garments and Kash Garments.

Today, a pioneer in the field we believe in hard work and professionalism.